Hey Guru!

I am looking for a scripting (CGI / Perl / JavaScripts) that updates the images itself on certain time and day.

I am currently building a new radio station website. They would like to have a face of radio annoucer / personality on home page when they are currently on air.

Say, Mon to Fri, there announcer on air from 8am to 10am - put on photo on website. Then change annoucer's face from 10am to 12pm, etc, etc, around the clock. On weekends, different annoucers, etc.

I have tried looking and searching for scripts on such as 'Earthweb', 'ScriptSearch - CGI', 'JavaScript.com', and 'Matt's Script Archives', etc. Some of them do have them, but only 'time of the day and limited to 5 or 6 images', not including each days as well.

I've tried looked up on 'Banner Rotator' and nothing good or any luck.

Do you know where I can get these? Either for free to copy or I can buy scripts at good price? Or is there someone can create it simple and easy?

It can be Perl / CGI / JavaScripts and I can use it on plain HTML or use ASP.

Look forward to your reply.

Best regards,

Melbourne - Australia.