Sorry folks -- I should know this. I have a book (oh no!) that asks me to load jquery into the "js folder within your Web server directory". It wants me to name the file as "jquery-x.y.z.min.js where x.y.z is the actual version number."

I loaded xampp quite some time ago and suspect that jquery is already installed. So before really lousing things up, want to make sure I need to install jquery from to a new folder named "js" within the xampp folder (or does it need to go into the htdocs?)

I did a search in sitepoint using keywords "xampp jquery" but was unable to identify a post that maybe answered this.

I also did do a search on my xampp folder looking for the .js extension. As expected, I received quite a number of hits, but nothing that resembled the "jquery-x.y.z.min" format.

So, do I need to load the jquery? If so, do I save it in the XAMPP, the htdocs or some other folder?

And what should my "<script src=" look like in my html / php documenrs?

Again I realize that I should know this, but ask your help nevertheless.