I'm new to the forum so hello

A website I run is for a vehicle leasing broker. Although it's not a 'deal's' based website they do publish a number of 'top offers'.

We would like to incorporate some purchased data into these listing, firstly to make them less time consuming to administer for the client and secondly to make them more comprehensive.

The data needed would include, model name, description, an image, co2 emissions, standard equipment, etc. The site is also UK based so that is relevant.

We've approached CAP (a big company that provides industry accepted used pricing for used vehicles and also future residual values). They do provide what we are looking for, but the cost is prohibitive for a small company like my client. They basically provide a full database on disc, and then send through periodic updates. Ideally we would like a more cost effective option where you maybe pay per lookup (where the data is located on a 3rd parties server)... like you do with postcodes for address lookups.

Does anyone know of a provider that supplies such data?