I'm using fancy box 2.1.5

and jquery 1.11.0

The problem is, when I click this link:
Code HTML4Strict:
<a id="fb_link" href="#"></a>

I expect fancybox to open and show my content in a modal. Instead that content is only loaded into the DOM.

When I click #fb_link again, fancy box opens and displays content as expected.

Why doesn't fancybox open and show content on screen after 1 click?

I've googled the issue and really only found 1 solution but it didn't work for me

I'm current invoking fancybox like this. But I've changed it so many times and any way I try to invoke fancybox does the same thing.
Code JavaScript:
            padding  : 0,
	    	closeBtn : true,
	    	width    : 600,
	        height   : 400,
	        autoSize : false,
	        href     : '../ajax/new_fb.php',
	        type     : 'ajax'

Thanks for any help.