So here comes another question from, been many lately, working on a big project which requires me to learn new stuff every day, couldn't make it without sitepoint forums=)

First take a look at this image:

Attachment 64290

I have a bunch of items, displaying an image and some text. When someone hovers one item it scales and some more text is shown, so far so good. But the tricky part for me is that they want to display a slider of images instead of just the "non-hover image". I have to no idea to do this, adding one slider to every single item when there might be like 50 of them seems very heavy and not very smart.

Would you use some sort of "append-function" to move the slider around between items or something? I'm not very good with JS yet. And even if i manage to do this the images of the slider have to change on every item.

Is this thing possible? If so can someone point me in the right direction? Or should I just go to the design-team and tell them "this can not be done"?