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    Custom tags and tree elements in a page

    Hello all, I want to add custom nodes into my HTML document so I would get the result in the picture. I am a bit confused into how I would do something like this. Can someone explain it to me? Do I need XML for this or some other technologies aside from HTML that I haven't heard of? I know I could do that result with tables, but I want a more clean approach to it and would prefer something like this instead of tables.
    PHP Code:
    <entity type="Person">
        <image><?php //image from db ?></image>
        <first_name><?php //first name from db ?></first_name>
        <last_name><?php //last name from db ?></last_name>
        <gender><?php //gender from db ?></gender>
        <city><?php //city from db ?></city>
        <country><?php //country from db ?></country>
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