Ive worked with MVC for a few years now but I have always created my own framework up until I started using Silex. Silex was very similar to the framework I created and so it was easy for me to learn.

Symfony is another story. I am confused as to where to put things. For example the current version of my forum I have a class for every model (ForumModel). In that class I have different methods for getting forums (findAll). I use findAll() to return all forums to the controller and then pass this data to the view so I can iterate through them.

The findAll() method not only gets data from the DB but it also sorts the forums by parents and children,subchildren etc so I end up with a nice array. So where do I put this sorting in Symfony? Do I use the ForumEntity method findAll() and then sort through them in the controller?

PHP Code:
public function indexAction ()
$forums $this->getForums();

public function 
// Get from database
    // Format into array

    // return format

Or is there some way to do this in the Entity?