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Thread: SEO Question ?

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    SEO Question ?

    i have a client website and i m doing work on it and very scary from Google update ... i was doing work work at Directories submission but i hear a person that directories submission is spam work Google does not like this and count in spam ... is it true ? should i do work at Directories site for promote keywords or not ?

    and what i use for keyword promote ?

    social bookmarking ?

    forum signatures ?

    web 2.0 ?

    press release ?

    Blog Comments ?

    what i use here pleas help to me i m very worried according my project

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    This question has been asked and answered many, many times before. Please read the SEO FAQ or use the Search facility to find past discussions.

    If, after reading those, you've still got any specific questions that haven't been answered, please do come back and start a new thread. In the meantime, I'm closing this one.

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