If this is not the right place for these questions, let me know. Also, same goes if this is not the right forum.
February 19, 2014
1) The idea is simple. In response to user interest in self publishing and personalized web functions, I am resurrecting a php message system I had built/helped build in 2000. That was before "How to Build a Database Driven Web Site in PHP and MySQL. That was when PHP4.0 was in use. That was 13 years ago. Other interests prevailed and my PHP skills basically went away.
2) The idea of this new system is quite simple, in concept. Since my skills have deteriorated to zero, I am trying to work out the right approach to building it. The idea is to have a user account on a site. That account permits users to bring up a blank memo form, very basic letterhead with text entry box. Write the letter or memo with simple pre-formatted text, submit it for processing, having created a new text file in his or her personal folder.
The url that is returned is created by the calendar and the clock, with perhaps option to describe briefly, with short description such as initials or serial number.
3) You may see, for example, such a system could be used to link to additional comment in boxes that limit the number of characters permitted.
Now my questions are coming up in the process of building this site, That is one reason I am posting the question here, because by discussing the topics, younger web designers may engage in something that could be important, namely,
how to structure business proposals and work flow schedules that will best serve customers. The end of my days of
active work are growing shorter.
Does anyone see a problem in building a working publishing system first, managing content such as log in, registration,
etc. by hand at first,
and then integrating the system into a secure CMS? The developer assures me that I would be wasting money approaching the project like this. I counter by saying this way I would have a demo for promotion purposes. I trust the developer, but am having trouble seeing his point.
What do you think?