"Oh no, not another 'which is better thread'" I hear you say. "It depends on your particular problem domain" is the often heard exclaimation. But wait, this thread really does have a purpose other than asking which package is warmer and fuzzier.

Well, I admit I don't know much about AngularJS except that its written by Google. I have watched a few youtube videos on EmberJS so I know a little more about it but not a lot more.

They both seem to be about sepeation of concerns, business logic and presentation logic. AngularJS claims to be a bit more 'declarative' and less 'imperative' which sounds interesting to me. On the other hand EmberJS is said to be more 'magical'. Maybe that's why rails devs are more comfortable with it.

So I'm wondering which one people use and prefer and why? Yes, I know everyone's experience will be different and the problems we are solving with it too. However I like hearing about anecdotal experiences and surely Sitepoint can benefit from doing the occasional review of popular frameworks. After all, Google loves content, remember

So what's your thoughts?