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    The menus are hiding, help!

    The site i'm developing right now uses a menu that expands on mouseover, and on one of my pages, it extends low enough that it hides underneath the iframe of that page.

    here's a pic of what i mean (sorry for poor quality, i'm at work and have nothing but paint to work with )

    I wanna know how I can make it so that the menu comes over the iframe, not under it.
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    The problem is the iframe. An iframe always is the last layer of a site to be loaded, so anything that tries to appear over an iframe is hidden. What you need to do, is to set the target frame of your submenu to be the iframe, so that way the submenu will appear in the iframe instead of trying to lay overtop it.

    Or, you could restructure your menu so that it doesn't show up over the iframe.

    Or just get rid of the iframe


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