I am trying to create a small gallery of images with a zoom effect - I have managed this with a plugin called ElevateZoom. The zoom functionality works well, the images swap when clicking on a thumbnail, but now I'd like to also add a caption to each image. So, the caption needs to also be attached to the function of the image swap. My javascript skills are minimal at best. I understand that I need to pass another parameter into the script, but it seems like I can't attach both the zoom function (and thus the larger hidden image) plus the caption to one a href. Can someone help?

Here is a link to the work in progress: http://coastalcreations.net/new/gallery.html

Also, I am aware that it doesn't validate because there is an ID used more than once on the page, but that was the way the ElevateZoom instructed. Not sure if it will still work if I remove all the extra ids that are on each image.

Thanks for your help!