I gotta say that I have just started to get into mysql and php only a week ago, so i would imagine that the problem that i am having is very simple. I would appreciate any insight into what is going on.

When adding information to a mysql table via a php form, i get the following response sent bak to my browser:

Warning: MySQL: Unable to save result set in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/social-ecology.org/data/whats_new/news-1.0/addnews.php3 on line 5

The thing is, when doing a query in mysql, the info that i sent it via the form was added successfully.

The line that the error msg referse to (if that helps) is as follows:

mysql_query("INSERT INTO $ntable VALUES ('','$title','$posted_by','$entry',NULL)")
or die("Entry not added into $ntable");

where as $ntable is defined as my table name.

I'm stumped. any help would be greatly appreciated.