Not sure if this is the right place to put this...

I posted in the .org support forums, but posts get lost pretty quickly there!

I moved my site from to a few weeks ago. I've made a lot of changes to the theme using a child, but there's some I can't figure out how to do:

-The text and images are stuck to the old 520px "margins" on the Portfolio page, and in WP dashboard when I'm editing a post. It displays Portfolio correctly in Safari ( but not in Firefox ( or Internet Explorer. This is how it looks in the dashboard (

-I want to put the sidebar back in, but only on the Blog and all the pages related to that. This is the code that will bring the sidebar back I think:
.entry-meta {
    display: inline;

.wide {
    float: right;
    width: 520px;

.hentry {
    margin: 0 0 40px;
-In the Leave a Reply box, the two "Notify me" sentences are positioned in the wrong place, separate from the checkboxes, but I'm not sure where they're meant to go.

-I think because I extended the main column from 520px to 720px, it doesn't display correctly on my phone or tablets.

-Remove the underline that appears on the footer buttons when hovered over.

-Footer buttons appear light blue (hover colour) in Firefox on Windows ?!?

-I added this code to change the line spacing between images for the Portfolio page, but it has resulted in all gaps between headers and images (as seen here being too small.
.entry-content.wide img { margin-bottom: 6px; }