Hello All,

I have recently setup a ticketing system for the company I work for, and I am encouraging everyone to organise their workflow through it. It is fantastically useful because we can prioritise work as a small company and keep all related communications about issues and ideas in one accessible and organised place.

My problem is some colleges are not very technical and used to organising workflow via emails and bits of paper. I don't think they really understand what a ticketing system is, how it works or why it's great for everyone if they use one.

I may write a introduction myself explaining it all in very accessible terms to try and communicate the value of such a system and encourage more of my colleagues to make the effort to use it. But first I wanted to see what advice I could get from the community?

I have had a look on google to see if there are already some good introductions to ticketing systems for non-technical people and the best I could find is this:

So I was wondering:
  • Does anyone know of any good introductory resources? (I need to strike that delicate balance between keeping it very simple without being patronising)
  • Does anyone have any tips on how to encourage my colleagues effectively?
  • Is there any other related advice that springs to mind from past experiences with communication and workflow organisation?

Many thanks,