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JavaScript Web Quiz - how high can you score?
You might not need jQuery - as unthinkable as it sounds
Malware hides behind JavaScript - attack uses malware encoded as images and delivered through iframe injection
And just like that Grunt and RequireJS are out - it’s all about Gulp and Browserify now
JS1k: The JavaScript code golfing competition - has now begun


How to make a responsive gallery with directional-aware hover
Draggable elements that push others out of the way
A re-introduction to JavaScript (JS Tutorial) - from MDN
A Dive Into Plain JavaScript - Thank you @ralph.m
Implementing Backwards-Compatible CSS3 Animated Transitions


Yet Another Framework Syndrome - before you go all framework happy
5 Rules for Better Backbone Code
Get your Backbone straight - how to structure a Backbone app
Processing Forms in AngularJS - AngularJS forms are nifty, HTML5 friendly, and incredibly fun to code!
7 Minimal Node.js Web Frameworks for 2014 and Beyond


JointJS - JavaScript diagramming library
JZed.js - The functional jQuery alternative
Base Transcoder - If you need to translate bases a lot
The best ever spinner for blocking your code
AreYouSure.js - Inline confirmation dialogs for Javascript.

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