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    Ecomerce program that lets you build a kit from standard parts

    I have a problem and thought I had solved it reasonably simply with a couple of php pages but the site owners is not very keen to do it this way.
    He wants a part picker similar to a flow chart: Pick part A then do you want part B or C under part B there is then D and E as well as under part C there is D and E.
    As you can see this is going to get complicated very quickly. As well as individual parts he also has kits which can have options !!!

    I have been thinking if I go with a shopping cart I could upload all the parts into the database and then create the kits from the parts. The customer could then buy the individual part or a kit. The options are a different problem but for some I could create a separate kit with the option instead of the standard part.

    I hope the above has not confused you to much but basically I am looking for a shopping cart where I can up load all the parts and as well as selling them individually I can sell them as kits.

    I have had a look at a couple of shopping carts but they do not mention doing what I want and without joining multiple forums or installing lots of programs I can not find out.

    Has anyone any experience with this?

    I could put the parts in the database and the kits in the database but I would prefer the method above. I was going to use Zen cart if I had to go this route again unless somebody recommends a better program.

    The business is very small and unless there was a good reason to pay for some software I would prefer something free.

    Edit: looks like I might be able to do it with Zen cart after all although the options will still be a problem!
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