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    Hi, I have a website ( that is a pretty big website and has user base of 10,000 registered members for the community and email services. I recently found a good domain name that was open ( and registered it. Now the thing I am wondering if is it would be a good idea to change names from to Should I make go to or vice versa? Also would it be a good idea to maybe merge the 2 sites together? Like have it so users can choose to have a email account or account? Just wondering.

    Thanks everyone!

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    I would personally keep, it sounds a lot better than skateboarding2.. I don't particularly care for domains with numbers in them, but in the end, its your decision. Perhaps you could turn them into two seperate sites.. eboarding could be something of a skateboarding community, and skateboarding2 perhaps a site with tips/tricks/moves and such. Either way, you could most likely combine them and increase visits to both sites.
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    K, thanks. I am thinking of having the main stuff under and having both domains available for free email addresses and having the forums merged. I have been having fun with it though, that extra 2 has brought up a lot of good slogans like,
    Are you in love with skateboarding2?


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