We are getting a strange JavaScript (AJAX) Error that we cannot figure out and hoping you all can help with.
1st some background (reference) points:

We have a page where members can review Questions posted and reply to them and also Like an Answer or Report is abuse.
Its public (working) version is for example here:

Also members can Like another member from their profiles like here:

we want to bring the Like Me button on to the same page from which members can read & reply to a Question, so
we are working on this new page:

but now all of a sudden we are getting this STRANGE error which makes no sense which you can
see by clicking to for example Like a member where you will see via the alert which I have set up there that rather
than the selected div names posting, one sees:
rather than the id of that DIV being there, which DIV id is correctly listed for that element when you hold your
mouse over that element, but somehow when the related JS function is called then rather than the id that DIV
passing to it we are getting this strange: