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    Tracking Subdomains in Google Analytics

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for some guidance on how to track page views per sub domain on a high traffic website.

    I have a website that is currently getting about 800,000 page views per day, lets call it

    I plan to have affiliates sign up and get their own subdomain, for example
    I will be paying these affiliates per view that happens on the subdomain (to clarify, the site content is EXACTLY the same site as, the subdomain will only be used to track the visitors that they send to the website. My question is, how do I go about collecting all these view counts PER subdomain, seperately. I'll need to be able to see how many views a user has send to their specific subdomain. I will be making my own view counter, but I'm also looking to use Google Analytics as my back up (or even primary) source of statistics.

    How do I go about this? I won't be creating things manually in Google Analytics because users will be able to sign up for the affiliate service and begin sending traffic to 'their subdomain' immediately.

    - From Google: "If you exceed 10 million hits per month per property, there is no assurance that the excess hits will be processed." I've seen other sites use a similar setup that would be getting traffic around the same as me, so how do they do it?

    Any guidance is highly appreciated, thanks!
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    Probably by writing google a check. A big check.


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