I want to target 1,000+ keywords on goto.com but I have a problem with keyword relevancy. Ninety percent of my submissions get rejected as they are not an exact fit to the keywords searched upon.

What strategies and tactics can I employ to increase the number of keywords accepted by goto.com?

My 4 page website is effectively a sales letter. I have considered adding a discreet link that has a subsection with topics covering my various keywords. Would this work?

For example, my product is a book about getting into the IT industry. However, I want to target the keyword phrase "IT jobs." Goto.com are a bit funny on this one, stating that I'm not offering an IT job but information on how to get one, which is different. Would a subsection with links to IT job sites be enough or do you have to have the actual jobs offered on your site?

Also, would goto insist on linking to the pages relevant to your submitted keyword or could you link to the homepage and have your surfers find the relevant link?

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