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Thread: Remove href

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    Remove href

    So, I bought a theme and its responsive, but not has some issues. It has mobile navigation, but the problem is that the drop down menus are also links. What the hell?

    So, this means that you can't really view the sub-list items.

    I asked woothemes about it and they told me that it works fine on their end. I think they are full of crap and I have been disappointed with their responses on a few issues now. How can you make an href not clickable? They should have made the main nav items headers or just list items without and href when on smaller screens.

    Also, even if you do make these main nav lists items just li's will the nav stay open long enough for people to view?

    I did see some similar answers which I will quote:

    Will this really work here or should I try to use javascript and do this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul O'B View Post

    You could try this:

    @media screen and (max-width:600px) {
    content:" ";
    It shims an element over the image so it can't be clicked at less than 600px.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul O'B View Post
    I use the same technique in navigation where all the navigation elements are links but you don't want the current page to be a link and reload the same page. You just shim a pseudo element over the top and stop it being clicked. It's ideal where the navigation is an include and you don't want to fiddle with the current page and complicate the include.

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    Hi Brian,

    The navigation works well enough for me.
    Viewing your page on my mobile, I could open the expandable points like "My Account" just fine.

    You can use a link for something like this (although it might not be best practise), as long as you prevent its default action.expandible

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