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    Best method for a online catalogue design

    I have a problem with an online catalogue for a website I maintain. The catalogue has lots of options but is small and if the user reads it properly straight forward but users being what they are they do not read the options properly or possibly do not understand them.
    Currently the user picks out what they want and put all the parts into an order form which the site owner examins and if there are any problems he contacts the user. This works but the site owner wants to reduce the time he spends sorting out these problems.

    To get an idea of my problem:

    You can buy a full kit
    You can specify two motors which means you pay extra for the second motor and drive.
    You can then have suspension which means you get a rebate for the fixed axel but then pay extra for the suspension
    It is a bit like a pyramid with the kit at the top and starts spreading out depending on the options specified
    You can also buy as many of the parts you want and either source elsewhere or make them.

    I suppose I could build loads of kits with all the different options or I could do lots of if statements ( I am building the site in php )

    I think the way to go is with the prices in a database but can anyone suggest some ideas or have recomendations on which way to go with this.

    Note: Sometimes if you have one option you also have to have another e.g. If you have two motors you also need two drive wheels and not one drive wheel and one freewheel.
    I suppose I may have to go the Ajax route?
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