I apologize if this is the wrong forum.

So my question is this:

I am trying to create a new website logo. Yet the issue I am having is when I zoom in via my web browser both IE and Firefox, on my text part of the logo, it gets very blurry and looks horrible.

I have tried to photoshop to try a sans font like Arial to look cleaner and crisp, but still no luck.

So just curious when you design for a site, do you just design for 100% and go with it? or do you try and find a font that can be stretched but still look good?

Or maybe it is an issue with photoshop, so like when I am creating it, I need to click something to keep it looking good?

I am no pro, just trying to save a few bucks on some corporate logo design. But just looking for some honest and friendly help please.

I am saving the image and text with maximum. So its not being saved at a low level.

Thank you to all.