Hi all,

Usually I just lurk and learn, but I am totally stumped by an oddity I've encountered. I humbly ask the advice of readers and experts here.

I've been designing a two-page site for a friend of mine. It is online here:


For a few days I've been fine-tuning it. I'm trying to add button to each page, to take users back and forth more easily.

I made a nice little navigating button to do that, using the instructions found here:


I changed the CSS for size and styling, but basically used the above.

It works fine on local pages on my computer. When I upload it though, the buttons only partly work! Most styling is gone; the word "Next" or "Previous" appears, but without the styled borders and colors. For some reason the right colors appear when I hover and actually click. But when idle, there's no styling.

The CSS is here: josephdiamo.com/joe2.css

The class is ".button"

I'm looking at it through Safari on a Mac. I haven't had a chance to look at it through other platforms or browsers yet.

Any insights or help would be greatly appreciated.