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    Anyone know how to detect the current position of the window? I want to pop up a new window in exactly the same position.

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    Hi jules,

    window.screen.availTop & window.screen.availLeft provide the respective coordinates of the current window. NN also has innerWidth/outWidth, etc. You would then have to use window.moveTo(x,y) to place the window.

    But...if you intend a pop a window in the exact location, what's wrong with a simple: location.href='blahblah'?

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    availTop and availLeft gives you the top left corner of the screen which IS appropriate when the browser is maximised.


    If the browser window is floating somewhere on the screen and not maximised (as it is with most people running their res greater than 1024 x 768) availTop and availLeft aren't much help.

    I suspect there is no way to get the current cooridinates of a non-maximised browser window.

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