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    This week in CSS - January 27 2014

    Just a few interesting CSS (mostly) links seen in the last week or so.

    Here's an interesting one from Paul irish on Academic Research on Browsers, Frontend Development, and Debugging although not about css specifically.

    The CSS Daily News is an archive of daily css tweets and blog posts and will keep you busy for hours. It uses an interesting flip page transition effect and there's tons of useful stuff in there.

    Unfolding the box model with css transforms is neat little demo that shows the power of CSS transforms. Use the arrow keys to navigate between sections.

    One of my favourite sites (CSS Tricks) has a very good article about CSS animations with some inspired demos concentrating on state jumping, negative delays, animating origin, and more.

    Håkon Wium Lie ·Css Regions Considered Harmful. I'm not sure CSS can be harmful but I think we get the picture. What do you think ?

    Amazing html5 demos and experiments . I especially love the 'ball pool'.

    Horizontal accordion effect from CSS tricks again which could be useful when short of space horizontally or perhaps for data table presentation on mobile?

    Peter-Paul Koch of quirksmode tests on width=device-width and initial scale=1. They are especially interesting if read in conjunction with some of my own tests in this thread.

    Bug of the week from the CSS forum. Don't use transforms or backface-visibility:hidden on parents of an element that is position:fixed or you will lose the position:fixed.

    If you wish to discuss or comment on any of the topics above then please let's hear from you below.

    You can also view a list of previous posts here.

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    Great stuff here. Lots of reading to do. I love the html5 examples


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