So, I was told that I could optimize an image which I should,

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I prefer the previous version.

That one is too big and I couldn't work out where I was. I thought I was on another site or another page!

The page is scrolling if you just move the mouse and you can view top and bottom.

That image is way to big a filesize as I assumed the slideshow wasn't working first time as nothing happened. It was taking so long to load I thought it was broken. The image is 2mbytes which is about 10 times too big a file size for real use. 2mbytes is much more than the resources I would use for a whole page. You should be able to optimise that image down to under 200k without much loss of quality.

I did decrease the file size from 7.01 MB to 5.42 MB, but it is of course too large still.

The image was 299 pixels/inch.

So, I opened up the file in photoshop > changed the pixels/inch to 150 pixels/inch (this of course reduced the width and length of the image) > saved the file > resized the file to the original pixel width 2668 x 2000.

I originally tried this setting the pixels/inch to 72 pixels since that is was I thought the resolution should be for the web. However, too much resolution was lost.

So, am I doing this correctly?? Is there a better way?

You can look at the image on this site. It is the background image