Has anyone succeeded on installing Discourse (www.discourse.org) on Centos with Apache running Phusion Passenger? I've got so far but ended up with an error that seems to indicate my GEM_PATH environment variable not being properly set and not sure how to set that for Phusion Passenger.

I've asked this question on numerous forums including meta.discourse.org but no one seems to have a clue even though the procedure is supposedly covered in their documentation. However they seem to assume you're a rails guru to begin with and thats one of the frameworks I haven't used in years.

So anyway I decided to try here. If there is anyone who wants to give this a shot I have a link to my bash install scripts which I can ferret out. The install scripts I wrote myself and take the install procedure of installing all the requirements (dependencies) on Centos 6.5 from a clean install. I have done my best to make the installation "repeatable" in that the scripts check to see if a dependency is already installed (at least in most cases.)

Would anyone like to help me look into this?