Would the description Meta Tag content in my site conflict with Rich Data Snippets (People)?

Google has this video and discussion regarding using Rich Data Snippets to provide a better description summary of your site when people view the list of search results Google fetches, see this: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/146646

Right now Google displays the short summary in my meta tag description to people searching for sites similar to mine. My DESCRIPTION META TAG does a pretty good job at summarizing the content of my pages to users.

HOWEVER, if I start using Rich Data snippets for "People" (my site is about people, and my description meta tag summarizes info. about those people), wouldn't the Rich Data Snippet conflict with my meta tag description and override the description info. I've worked so hard to include in my description Meta Tags?

And, if this happens, wouldn't it be likely that my pages may no longer display on page 1 of Google b/c the cached description info. will no longer have such a long history of being cached by Google? That is, the rich data snippet pages will have to wait to be indexed by Google and this will hurt my search results, no?