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    Alternative to twitter feed?

    Hi All,

    I was after alternatives to twitter feeds to include on a website, where the client was able to update a few lines of text about current news and events, which they could do without direct access to the site code. It's just a basic html site and did not want to have to change over the type of site so was after something that could just be dropped in. Ideally i would like css control over how the text looks, which again was great with twitter in the past. There does seem to be a few options about, but am a bit lost in terms of what is going to be easiest for the client and gives you a good level of styling code.

    Many thanks,


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    You need some kind of basic CMS—but one that can be tacked on to the existing site. A nice option for this is a CMS like Perch. (It can do a lot more than what you described, but still, is perfect for something like this.)

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    I often use the free version of CushyCMS ( to add small areas where the client can make updates themselves without wrecking the entire site. It can easily be added to existing sites, it's not complicated and it doesn't need a database..CushyCMS has been operating for years, so it is tried and tested.

    There's also a paid-for version with additional features, but the free version (no expiry date) is fine for most simple purposes.

    There are many 'simple' CMSs like this - you just have to search through a bunch of them and find the one that best fits your needs.



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