hi !

i am a beginner of jquery and i need your help.

on my website (http://www.tappenbeck.net/osm/maps/d...d=9512#poipage) street lamps will be show. if you click on a yellow circel you will details of the lamp and you could send a feedback (please do not!)

there is a checkbox - if it is active there should be a secould link will be show to send another email. i have include a div-container with the id=send_light_message.

in the file popupmarker_jqm.js the code will be generate to include. mobile-jq.js include the code for show and hide the secound email. a alert-box shows a message for the checkbox-event.

now the problem: the secound email will not show !!!!

could someone help me and i hope you understand my problem.

regards Jan :-)