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    Lightbulb This Week in JavaScript - 20 January 2014

    Your weekly update of interesting happenings in the world of JavaScript - feel free to discuss, and help to bring some new ideas to light.

    Getting Started - A JavaScript guide intended to introduce new developers and help experienced ones to the JavaScript's best practices
    Javascript workflow for dummies - scopes and variables


    Args - Lets you easily create functions with optional parameters, default parameters, parameter groups and named parameters
    Countup - More interesting animated counters
    Lazy- A tiny and dependency-free JavaScript library for lazy loading resources
    Parsley - UX-aware forms validation without needing to write any more JavaScript
    Suchas - Provides essential jQuery-like methods for your evergreen browser, in under 200 lines of code
    Lockit - an Express Authentication Solution [echojs 15-01-2014]
    Path - Features a chainable API for generating declarative graphics using SVG paths


    Enhancing the HTML abbr Element on Mobile
    JavaScript Animation That Works (Part 1 of 4)
    Composing Functions in JavaScript
    Functions that yield multiple times
    Callbacks, Promises, Signals and Events
    Stop Being Afraid Of Promises And Be Awesome Instead
    Flight mixins, the component-based framework for Twitter

    Interesting ideas

    Grasp: Search, replace, and refactor your JavaScript code based on its structure rather than its text
    Using live extensions to solve front-end problems


    Recreating THXs Deep Note in JavaScript with the Web Audio API
    [experimental] Speech Synthesis API - A Web apps that talk


    Sublime Web Inspector letting you debug Javascript right in the Sublime Text editor
    JSCS - Code style checker that can check cases, which are not implemeted in jshint, but it does not duplicate jshint functionality, so you should use jscs and jshint together
    Schema inspector - A powerful tool to sanitize and validate JS objects


    A Practical Guide to AngularJS Directives
    Protractor - A guide to practical AngularJS End-to-End Testing
    Frontend Component-based architecture for backbone


    The Next Phase of Node.js
    Interactive release tool to build and release npm to Git repositories

    Others of interest

    N queens problem - Exploring the use of backtracking to find multiple answers

    So what do you make of these recent going ons?
    Are you doing anything with AngularJS, Backbone, or Node? Are promises going to help you in any way?

    Please PM us if you have anything of interest for the next issue, and happy reading! - Paul & Pullo
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    The composing functions in JavaScript article overlooked a simpler way to define the sequence function:

    var sequence = function () {
      return compose.apply(this, [];
    which does away with the need to define __slice
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