Hey guys!

My name Nevo, I'm film director and hobbyist programmer.
I'm waiting for a long time for comfortable platform to view trailers of Movies and TV Shows in high quality and without commercials, and It's just not happening, so I decided to create it myself instead of waiting...

I dont want to create everything from scratch so I would love to have your opinion in choosing "Video CMS" to start the process.

Our basic requirements are:

  1. Creating Secure Open Voting system that does not require from visitors to connect to the site (using IP, cookies and Browser fingerprinting)
  2. Option for anonymous comments with captcha.
  3. Fast search engine with Autocomplete Suggestions.
  4. Dealing with Large database With High Traffic (thousands of short films & millions of monthly visitors).
  5. SEO Friendly.

From searching around and asking on forums, "VIMP" (PHP- "Symfony" FrameWork) seems to be the most advanced system, but is quite expensive and under unpleasant licenses- 2998 For The Open Source Version.
ViMP is the professional Video CMS for WebTV, Video Communities and Social Media Portals.
With ViMP you gain a complete and modular video CMS software for instant usage and operation of video portals similar to YouTube and social media communities.
VIMP Front-End Demo

Another project I found is "PHPvibe", but I did not find any information or reviews around the web.
The modern choice for your next video community, PHPVibe, takes care of the many needs your video project will challenge you with!
PHPvibe Front-End Demo

The last project we found interesting is MediaDrop (Python- "TurboGears" Framework).
This is the Open Source version of MediaCore E-Learning Cloud platform.
MediaDrop provides unparalleled organization, statistics, accessibility, and scalability. Well-designed and well-engineered it is the ideal solution for any organization with large collections of video or audio.
MediaDrop Front-End Demo (Heavily modified by MediaCore team)

I'd love to get your opinion on the following platform And additional recommendations and tips beyond that.

Thanks In Advance!