Newbie here with two hopefully easy questions. I am using BYOWSTRW by Ian LLoyd and all is going pretty well but I have two questions. First, I decided to use Notetab light instead of notepad as my text editor. I created and saved all of the HTML files in the folder and that worked fine. I then created the CSS file and saved it in the same notetab light folder but with a .css extension ( instead of.html) . For some reason the HTML files will not recognize the CSS file. I tried renaming it numerous times, resaving etc but it would not work. I finally went and created a separate text editor file using notepad for my CSS file and right away it worked fine. Any idea why it wonít work in notetab light? My second question is why in Ians CSS file is there so little information on each line? I am sure there is a good reason for this but I canít see it.