I've got few items on a single website that I need help with.

1. Mobile Nav Not Working

I'm working on a website based on a Concrete5 theme that was modified. Here is the original theme that works as expected:


When you go down to the mobile view, the main menu collapse and all you see is "Menu"

Click/Tap "Menu", then "About" and everything works fine.

On my site:

When you get down to the mobile view you can tap on "Menu" but you can't dive any deeper. Tap on "Fence & Gates" does nothing. Tap on "FAQ" and that will work because you're not diving into the navigation tree anymore, you're actually going to the FAQ page.

2. Home Page Slider Not Working
The slider on the home page has 4 images. They are all stacked on top of each other. This is obviously not how it's supposed to work. When I am logged into my CMS, the slider works perfectly. I've published the page numerous times so that's not the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.