I can successfully render a canvasJS pie chart using static data hard-coded within a js array like this:

// Hardcoded data - this will successfully render a pie chart
var dps = [{ y: 1, indexLabel: "Writing" }, { y: 0, indexLabel: "External Collaboration" }, { y: 0, indexLabel: "Ready for Edit" }, { y: 0, indexLabel: "Editing" }, { y: 0, indexLabel: "Ready for Review" }, { y: 0, indexLabel: "In Pink Team" }, { y: 0, indexLabel: "In Gold Team" }, { y: 1, indexLabel: "In Red Team" }, { y: 0, indexLabel: "Final Versions" }]
However, I need to simply reference an array already populated. I am populating an array from a table on the page. I canít understand why it wonít work because when I convert the array to string and print, everything is formatted correctly.

Below is the link to my jsfiddle example code.


Any help is greatly appreciated.