When a User views a PM, there is a "Star" icon placeholder which can be used to denote if a PM is "Important".

By default, a PM is "Normal" and so a Grey Star is displayed.

However, by clicking on the "placeholder", the User can mark the PM as "Important" and a Red Star appears.

(If you have ever used Gmail, then this is a very similar setup!)

On to my question...

So, I am conflicted about what to place in the TITLE attribute for my Star Icon...

Option #1:
I could describe WHAT ACTION the User is supposed to take...

Gray Star would display "Click to mark as Important"
Red Star would display "Click to mark as Normal"

Nice, but it doesn't tell you the current state.

Option #2:
I could describe the CURRENT STATE of the Private Message...

Gray Star would display "Normal PM"
Red Star would display "Important PM"

But then you might not realize that by clicking on the Star you can switch from "Normal" to "Important" and back again?!

Option #3:
I could go crazy and combine Options #1 and #2!!

Gray Star would display "Normal PM (Click to mark as Important)"
Red Star would display "Important PM (Click to mark as Normal)"

Nice, but maybe TMI...

What do you think?