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    Lightbulb This Week in JavaScript - 6 January 2014

    Your weekly update of interesting happenings in the world of JavaScript - feel free to discuss, and help to bring some new ideas to light.

    I hope that you enjoyed the new year and the holiday break. A lot has been happening this week and we have even more to look forward to in the forth coming year, for example: five technologies to look forward to in 2014


    A lot of updates have occurred to libraries recently. From minor to extreme, the following are the more interesting ones:

    fluidbox A lightbox with fluid transitions
    wordcount Calculate file newlines, word, and byte counts on client side using HTML5 File API
    math An extensive and powerful math library[/url]
    shifty A flexible tweening engine
    amMap Create interactive animated maps
    planetary - rotating globes that are interactive and customisable
    ocr Optical Character Recognition in JS
    ogv An OGG Theora and Vorbis video decoder in JavaScript
    epub A JavaScript library for rendering ePub documents in the browser, across many devices

    Learning More

    Everything you wanted to know about JavaScript scope, giving a full run-down of different situations with code examples
    Managing the Asynchronous Nature of Node.js, removing deeply nested callbacks
    An Overview of JavaScript Promises, still experimental, but is a standard to look forward to in the future
    An Introduction to the getUserMedia API, learning by playing with your webcam and mic

    Best Practices?

    Are these really best practices? Be careful of what you take for granted, just because something is said to be a best practice.

    45 Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks and Best Practices, but are all of them worthy? [thanks felgall]
    Better JavaScript selectors, a controversial topic. There may be a lot of push-back on this one
    Pete Hunt: React - Rethinking Best Practices (video), an intro to React, how it helps to speed things up, and provide simpler maintenance


    Jasmine celebrates its 5th birthday. with a new release, and Blanket for checking your code coverage has been getting quite a lot of press lately. Articles have been coming out about integrating Mocha with Blanket.

    Jasmine is 5 and 2.0

    blanket.js Seamless javascript code coverage
    Get your Frontend JavaScript Code Covered
    Blanket + Mocha with RequireJS (and Grunt) - code coverage setup guide

    Scaling Up

    handlebars.js Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration
    Handlebars.js ties Ghost, Ember and Assemble together
    Single-Page Applications with Thorax.js
    JavaScript performance analysis: Keeping the big picture

    Cool Stuff
    Zero to Nyancat in 30 Seconds Flat!
    Orbit Viewer is a Chrome Experiment by Kevin Gill that helps visualise the orbits of comets and satellites

    Are you feeling like keeping up with all of these updates? One thing's for sure, it's certainly an interesting time to be involved.

    Please PM us if you have anything of interest for the next issue, and happy reading! - Paul & Pullo
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