So here's one for you.

I've been reviewing my standard meta tags today, prior to 2014, removing the outdated ones and adding new ones like viewport, Facebook's Open Graph and Twitter's.

When I got to my author meta tag though, I had a semantic conundrum. Customarily I'd use this tag to sign myself as being the coder of the webpage, but I realised that the tag should be better suited to credit the author of the copy.

Some googling lead me to a site with an interesting idea on how to credit everyone involved in a website. They'd like to start the practice of creating a humans.txt file, linked in the metadata, where all contributors can be listed. Here, have a look!

I'll be trying it out on my next website.

I love the idea and the objective, although I feel the implementation is a little clunky.

What do you think of this idea?

Do you think it would catch on?