I am a novice programmer. The point is that I created a whole website with a php extension, because I had read a few sources that if you want to create a website with php, you need all your pages to do with a php extension, but I have a page as Registration, enter personal Cabinet, shopping cart, these pages I have also a php extension, although if I understand it correctly, pages: Registration, enter personal Cabinet - a must-have extensions to html. Even if I understand correctly, then change the file extension, for example with php to html in normal Notepad Windows7, as people say, a file with the changed file extension may not work: what will turn on the system whether DOS, or some other (don't remember) which will bring failure. But the sort of know that if you change the extension of the file in Notepad++, then everything will be fine: I think in Notepad++, there's a feature that allows you to change the file extension (without causing harm to file with the changed file extension). I still create all your pages using a standard Notepad windows7.
Do I need to change the extension of the pages of the site Registration, enter personal Cabinet, a Basket of the buyer on the html? Excuse me please if I do not understand something. I am only learning.

Tell me, please, whether you want to switch to Notepad++? It really so good?

Thanks in advance.