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    Need help creating a search function

    Hey Guys,

    Im new here and have little experience with coding, I can do some basic html and pretty much forget all the css that I learned. I have an auto parts website, <snip/>, and am trying to get a better search feature for our website. Right now you just click the chassis code for your car and then select the category and then go part to part and look in the description to see if it fits your year and model of the car.

    So im looking for a search feature similar to the one on, where you can select your make, model and year and then it takes you to the categories for it and only shows parts that will fit that vehicle. So how would i be able to code a search feature like this? The only way to find what cars each part fits is to look in our description, so the code would have to somehow sift through the description to pick up what vehicles the part fits. Any idea on how I could make this happen? Would i possible be able to use the code the above mentioned site uses and then just adjust it a little bit for my site?

    Thanks for the help!
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    This will require a server-side language and database queries, such as PHP and MySQL. It cannot be accomplished using plain HTML.
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    I suppose one way might be to piggy-back on Google.
    Not as nice perhaps, but it should work.

    For example, you could make a "widget" of sorts that uses
    select-1-opt select-2-opt select-3-opt


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