Artificial intelligence is a crude concept to ponder. Anyone can make an artificial intelligent program, we make them all the time. Error checking for instance, telling the program with statements to know when and how to encounter an error and what to do with such error. This isn't real artificial intelligence in the sense but nothing more than functions and commands that we the programmer ourselves have inserted into a strict design element for the program to run. Real Artificial intelligence is having the program be capable of learning and molding from it's own environment and actions. In turn learning the results of cause and effect on it's own.

It's these restrictions or a more modest term laws that we put in place within the design capability that restrict any real learning progress among the program it self. A.L.I.C.E is considered a learning A.I to many around the world. To myself I see it only as a parrot still constricted to a limited imitation to limitlessness. Mimicking the human conversationalist yet having no real understanding of what it is saying. This is why after a decade A.L.I.C.E still spews out random garbage when asked serious or even intimate questions. This is when I say that to create a real capable learning machine it needs to be installed with some sort of moral compass.

No, I'm not talking in any spiritual sense but the moral limitlessness of what words really mean. Take the word silents for instance, trying to come up with a numeric value of what this word means in mathematical sense to a script would by trying to say the less. Do we use spin off words like quiet, peaceful, dim? How can we since we would have to come up with values for these words as well. Putting meaning in words that have sense of feeling toward us and installing the same sense to a cold heartless machine will be challenging.

Some days I wish I would have started over and went into the field of biology. The movie Splice is deep rooted in my subconscious though why would I want to make a freak of nature when I could create an elegant creature out of pure data.

You're welcome to share your thoughts.