I have a problem with this code. I am not sure if it's jquery's or php's problem.

I am using jquery and php to implement [Add More..]

first I'll list the code:

here is my jquery function:

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function() {
        var counter = 0;
        $('#add_industry').click(function() {
            var newField = $('#cboIndustry').clone().
                attr({id: 'cboIndustry_' + counter,
                    // name: 'cboIndustry_' + counter});
                    name: 'cboIndustry[]'});
then here:

HTML Code:
    <td valign="middle">Industry</td>
    <td valign="middle">:</td>
    <td valign="middle">                
        <div id="container">
        <select id="cboIndustry" name="cboIndustry" style="width: 100%" required>
            <option value="" selected>[Industry..]</option>
                $mysql_command = "CALL sp_populate_industry()";				
                $mysql_query = $mysql_connection->prepare($mysql_command);
                while($mysql_row = $mysql_query->fetch())
            <option value="<?php echo $mysql_row['industry_id']; ?>" <?php if ($mysql_row['industry_id'] == $company_industry) { echo 'selected'; } ?>><?php echo $mysql_row['industry_name']; ?></option>
            <?php } ?>
    <td valign="middle"></td>
    <td valign="middle"></td>
    <td valign="middle"><p id="add_industry"><a href="javascript:void(0)"><span>Add Industry</span></a></p></td>
and in my php code I am inserting into mysql using:

PHP Code:
if ($_POST['cboIndustry']) 

    foreach ( 
$_POST['cboIndustry'] as $key => $value 
$mysql_query $mysql_connection->prepare('CALL sp_add_new_company_industry(:param_member_guid, :param_company_guid, :param_company_industry, :param_created_ip_address)'); 
$mysql_query->bindParam(':param_member_guid'$_SESSION["xoompage_member_guid"], PDO::PARAM_STR); 
$mysql_query->bindParam(':param_created_ip_address'$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], PDO::PARAM_STR); 

now the problem is... if I am adding two industries then only one will be inserted in the database and if I add 10 only 9 will be added.. why?