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    When site doesn't reflect changes after FTP

    I'm trying to help my manager make some updates to our site. I made the updates and FTPed the file (using Filezilla) but it is not reflecting the new changes. I tried clearing cache as well. I know for a fact that the new file that is uploaded has the changes made but it just isn't showing.

    What could be the issue? This site was built on Coldfusion by a developer.

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    Try uploading the files again but instead of overwriting, rename the online file and try to access the old file name in your browser which should clear the cache.

    If the original page still displays then it looks as though the wrong file has been renamed or being cached.

    Try also appending a dummy get to the end of the URL such as

    If the file changed is a style sheet then append ?changed=2014-06-02 to the style sheet.

    A URL would be helpful and also a list changes which are not showing.
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