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    Unhappy How do I look up error description

    I'm running the following SQL command:-

    ALTER TABLE `entity` ADD FOREIGN KEY ( `lc_eg_group` ) REFERENCES `entity_group` ( `eg_code` ) ON UPDATE CASCADE ON DELETE RESTRICT

    MySQL said:

    Can't create table '.\db-folder\#sql-84c_54.frm' (errno: 150)

    OK ... now how do I look up an "errno:" by error number ?
    ie: How do I look up *any* error number, not just 150.
    (Yes! I have checked the manual - but can't find a comprehensive list of errors, or any means to look up a particular error number)

    ALSO - What is error number 150 ??
    What is the solution??
    (NOTE: I have created several other referential constraints on the "entity" table, and they were all ok - just this one fails)

    (Presumably table "#sql-84c_54.frm" is used to implement the constraint?)

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    If you have access to the server or run one yourself you can use the "perror" utility at the shell. "perror 150" should give what the error means. And error codes are often system dependent so you'll want to do this on the server mysql is running on if possible.

    There's a list of error codes on the website but it ranges from 1000 to 1267:

    Can't seem to find anything more specific for you, sorry.


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