Hi guys,

Needs some opinions and thoughts please!

Around the 8th of Dec our new likes went from a steady average of 60-80 new day to about 2,500 new a day and have been an average 2,000 new every day until 3 days ago when it started to decrease a little bit but still beeing 1,500+. Thing is I can't find anything on-page or in statistics that are explaining this, our post likes, comments and shares have gone up a bit but nothing that would explain this abrupt flood of new likes.

We recently changed the way we did some of the posting and that was around the same time the likes started to increase. I can imagine a little bit of the new likes is due to that and this is also represented by the slightly increase in engagement. But still to me it seems like all these new likes comes from nowhere when looking at the statistics!

Here's some screens from our page insight, please take a look and let me know what you guys think about it?


All thoughts and inputs are more then welcome!