Things will be changing around here slightly in the new year. My kids are starting school so I am taking the opportunity to further my career and take on some new challenges. That means that I'll be stepping down from my current position as Community Manager for the SitePoint group.

I won't be leaving you though. My love for these forums goes way to deep to walk away, so I'll be sticking around in an advisory role as Community Manager/Admin (aka Galactic Overlord) here.
In order to make it work with my other commitments, I have appointed a co-admin to help me with the day to day running of this place.

I'm happy to announce that the person in question is ralph.m

Ralph has been a loyal member of my staff for many years now and has stepped into my shoes in the past when I've been on leave. He will retain his position as Team Leader of the Design Team, but will now be wearing a shiny red badge in honour of his promotion.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you have about this, and take a moment to congratulate Ralph on his promotion.