I have a small click script that works when a button is clicked. I cant seem to figure out after googling and reading numerous stackoverflow question and answers how to run my script in the browser console. It seems from what I gathered to type the function and parameter followed by a semicolon. But I cant get it to trigger that way. Here is my script -
$(".cta").click(function() {
    $("html, body").animate({ scrollTop: $("#footer").offset().top }, 500);
    console.log('executed scrollToElement');
    return true;
What do I need to type to run it in the console? This is killing me that I cant seem to figure this out. I am pretty novice with jQuery and Javascript. I have been reading some of the Sitepoint recommended books. And even doing some other stuff. But working with the console is a bit tricky it seems in it self. Am I right or wrong?