I am running a Facebook page with about 5500 fans

Up to yesterday I was updating it using Hootsuite and its schedule feature. I was selecting relevant information and schedule them throughout the day. Each publication were viewed between by 700 and 1000 users (except the posts with a picture which were viewed by 200 users, which was pretty strange already)

After months doing it manually twice per day I decided to connect the Twitter account to the Facebook page. As Twitter is being updated automatically and regularly with fresh data coming from our website (the same I was using to manually update the Facebook page) I thought I would save precious time using this feature.

After about a day of working I got a bad surprise: posts are being viewed by much less than 10 users ... down from 700.
What did I miss here ? I was surprised that post with an attached picture were seen by much less person (200 instead of 700) but this difference is huge. Why ?

See print screen below.